Updates from grade 2A

This fortnight, students embarked on a new Unit of Inquiry- ‘People can use a variety of ways to communicate their ideas and feelings.’
As a part of prior knowledge assessment, the students did a group activity,where they had to say “hello” in three different languages.They explained the central idea of the  unit at length by making a mind map and highlighting key words.
Students further tuned into verbal communication through a game called ‘telephone’. They passed on a message from one to another.Further, they inquired through an activity called “charades” in order to learn about non-verbal communication,where they exchanged messages through their body language, facial expressions and signs.
Students further found out about different tools of communication and wrote their understanding in their process journals. Students sorted out different forms of verbal and non-verbal communication through a newspaper activity.

During their English classes, students’ prior knowledge was assessed through ‘Think-pair-share’ activity on Nouns. They listened to a story and identified nouns.
Students were introduced to phonograms through a group activity of jumbled sentences. They identified ‘oo’, ‘ee’ and ‘ow’  words and practiced writing these phonograms in their process journals.
Students were further tuned into the concept of common and proper noun and wrote their understanding with appropriate examples.

During their Math classes, students were tuned into to the concept of place value through various Manipulatives (golden beads, number cards, place value mat, color coded sticks). They explored the topic by giving a number of their partners and arranging the beads and sticks at the right place value.
They were further tuned into the concept of number names and the expanded form of numbers. Students wrote their understanding in their process journals.

During their Hindi lessons, students discussed and formulated essential agreements .They watched the story ‘Chatur Geedad’( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycZT3bn2QII ) and identified different learner profiles and attributes from the same. Students also revised swar and vyanjans through ‘shabd seedhee’ and revised all matraa.
In the Ab-in two classes,students enhanced their vocabulary skills by speaking about themselves. They learned the names of the colours and revisited different letters through engaging activities.

In their music class the students sang ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (https://youtu.be/uQ0ODCMC6xs) and ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ (https://youtu.be/jDn2bn7_YSM).They also learnt how to sing the Indian National Anthem.


Students learned about basics of jazz and walk with proper body postures. They also learned about different dance movements to make their core muscles strong. They also learned about the connection between upper body and lower body.

Students were welcomed into the ICT class. They made an essential agreement that they will be following throughout the year. It was an introductory class in which they were made comfortable with their surroundings and taught the know-how of the iPad and laptop devices. They were shown the input-output and all the other physical components of the computer on which they were engaged through an online quiz. They also practiced mouse clicks with the help of an online program.They were further tuned into 21st-century skills through an activity in the class in which they illustrated their understanding of different types of social media.

Children practiced leg exercises for strength and agility like standing up and sitting down, stepping up and down, knee bends and standing on toes. They further practiced basketball like stance, dribbling and grip.

At the library we celebrated the birthday of one of the bestselling fiction authors of all time ‘Enid Blyton’ who, according to UNESCO is the most translated children’s authors in the world having sold more than 600 million books.
The children were given a brief introduction about the author and the popular series written by her – Noddy, Famous Five, The secret seven, Amelia Jane, Malory Towers and The faraway tree.
Children were also assessed for the books they read during the summer vacation using their reading log.

Special assembly on Learner Profile

The students were introduced to basic drawing and colour theory. They applied it in creating map and flag of India. They further explored expressions and emotions through emojis.